3rd & 4th Graders Raise Money for Komen

From left to right: Brianna Doherty, Kaileeann Block, Christina Galup, Kamilla Delgado, Gabriela Pasitoniu.

It is always so inspiring to see children raising money for Komen and when our office received a $52 donation from a group of 3rd and 4th graders from Trinity United Methodist Church & School, we were once again amazed. The young girls (ages 8-10) came up with the idea on their own and they raised money in their aftercare program from parents as they picked up their kids. According to Kaileeann’s mom, they have all heard of women who had died of breast cancer, including Kaileeann’s Grandma, Ione Otto.  They then researched all the other types of cancer and were even more sadden.  They wanted to try to make a difference and help find a cure while also hoping that others will do the same. The parents of these young philanthropists should be very proud and we are lucky to benefit from their fundraiser!