Supporting the Komen Mission

This year the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale affiliate has been fortunate enough to receive inspirational stories from local businesses in the community, that have been raising funds and doing good for the Komen cause. 

We would like to thank Exteria Building Products, a manufacturing company located in Miami Florida, that raised over $2,000 to help benefit this year’s Race for the Cure in Miami.

As one of the pioneers of early cedar replica siding; Exteria Building products is the leading U.S. innovator in polypropylene cladding that creates breathtaking home exteriors. One of the Customer Service Representatives at Exteria was this year’s front runner in the fundraising efforts for Komen, which the company has been participating in for over 8 years.

Each year the company sets a goal meter higher than the previous year and challenges each of the employees to surpass their previous team goal. Last year (2012) the company made an internal fundraiser in their cafeteria, where everyone donated goods. This year the company included all of their Outside Sales reps across the US, and through their generosity were able to raise over $2,000 in funds for the local Komen affiliate.

“Although we are a small company, we strive to take part in helping fund this amazing organization that impacts not only those in Miami-Dade but the outreach locations all over the world,” said Jessica Reyes | Customer Service Representative.Image